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We have made it our mission to analyze the market macro- and micro-economically

and to share our findings and the related investment opportunities with you.


Through third-party programs as well as our own programs,

we have access to the data of all over 45,000 listed companies worldwide.

We have access to approximately 450 key figures for each company, as well as their history.

This results in a data pool of individual stocks of over 580,000,000 datapoints.

Furthermore, we have more than 64,500 region-related sector and industry averages at our disposal.

For detailed intermarket and economic analyses, we have access to over 5,000 economic indicators

and millions of statistics and data on micro- and macroeconomically relevant key figures.


We have been successfully dealing with the areas of finance and economics

for over 5 years now and strive to identify overriding market cycles,

trends and outperformers on the basis of our experience and with the help of our data

and to make these available to you as strategies.

Schrift_Money Management.png

We would like to start at the beginning and introduce you to the financial markets step by step.

Before you can participate in the financial markets,

you need a functioning money management!

Money management is about managing your money flows and your capital.

Very few people practice active money management.

You only have to look at your circle of friends to understand that very few people

know how to manage money, which is usually only because they have no overview,

no plan and no goals for their capital.


No matter how much money you earn, own

or how much capital you want to earn through saving or investing,

money management is the be-all and end-all for successful money management.

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