It is becoming increasingly difficult to follow individual investment strategies on the market. The offer is too extensive and the amount of data too large to build up strategies by yourself. It is impossible to track these strategies in the long term and keep them up to date. Therefore, we have built our own stock screeners, which automatically search the market for us and filter out the best stocks for the respective strategies. These screeners have been built to the best of our knowledge and are constantly being improved and expanded. We would like to make these results available to you in order to help you save time, nerves and money.

[ Superior Strategies ]
for Sectors, Industries & Coutries

These overarching strategies can be applied for any region, sector, industry, etc. Thus, we can not only filter out the generally best companies in a region, industries etc., but also break this down to individual strategies, such as, the most profitable. This means you no longer need to invest in broadly diversified ETFs, but can invest directly in the best of the best.


These overarching strategies are divided into:


•   Financially Strong

•   Undervalued

•   Profitability

•   Grower

•   Overvalued

•   Low Cap

•   Dividends


[ Consyder Strategies ]


These are individual strategies that pursue a specific goal. These strategies do not refer to a specific region, industry, etc., but to the entire market. Furthermore, some of these strategies are designed for investment targets, such as retirement provision, children’s savings plans, etc.




•   High Quality

•   Safety First

•   DIP and Flip

•   DIP and Hold

•   Retirement Provision

•   Generation Wealth

•   Children's Savings Plans


[ Trends ]

We also use these screeners and strategies for trends. Trends are social, political, technological and economic changes that have a direct impact on the financial markets. Such changes often create new markets, displace existing markets, and cause individual regions to experience an enormous economic boom or downturn.


Social trends:

•   Veganism

•   Climate Change 


Future trends:

•   Blockchain

•   AI


Market trends:

•   Emerging Markets

•   High Inflation